This might be helpful..

Book direct with hotels and resorts in the future. If you are reading this and saying "I do!" then GREAT! if you don't....this might help you see why it's a good idea to

1. Hotels and resorts really, really...really want us to book directly with them. Ideally on their brand website.

2. If they are saying that their rate is the BEST - we should trust that it is BUT...if you think you find a lower rate, email, chatbot, WhatsApp...whatever saves you the most time and let them know. They will want to know and they will match and ideally give you something extra, a little stay perk - if they are savvy ;)

3. Picking up the phone and getting a rate should be the norm but right now it's not. It's also not that welcome sadly because of a staffing situation for most. But when things get back on track - pick up the phone, have a chat let them know what you want. Hotels are really missing a trick when it comes to asking us what WE want. It's very much "Hey book here now"

4. The likes of make MILLIONS of dollars a month in commission. The recovery time for this industry is going to be years. Revenue management for hoteliers is more vital than ever and direct bookers - you have a lot of power in helping hoteliers survive and in the future thrive once again.

5. These points might seem really obvious to lots of you but hoteliers don't always make it clear WHY we should book direct. The bottom line is - their bottom line and this is EVERYTHING moving forward!