We LOVE supporting and showing off hotels & resorts and cool stays around the world as much as we love giving away staycations and holidays! EVERY WANAH stay giveaway is free to enter. There might be an option to add "extra entries" so If you are planning to travel to the giveaway destinations or might even have flights booked...paying to increase your chances of winning might be for you!

Enter using the free entry option form, and answer a maximum of 4 multiple-choice questions. Sometimes we might just ask for your first name, and email address.  PLEASE DO NOT ENTER our giveaways if you DO NOT WANT your details being given to our property partner. We can't stress this enough. We aren't just another competition website. It's not for everyone and that's fine. We do ask that you follow Instagram accounts though. WHY? Because this helps WANAH grow AND our partners get more exposure and more DIRECT BOOKING guests!

Entering a WANAH giveaway means that you are agreeing to your contact details being given to our partners, NO ONE ELSE. 
"Not everyone wants everyone else to know that they have won a holiday ;) "

You will receive an auto-reply for your free entry and an email to confirm your paid entry will arrive in your inbox later as this is not yet automated. MAKE A NOTE of the winner announcement dates because winners have JUST 24 HOURS to respond! No reply and we pick again but from PAID entries only. 
FREE ENTRY ONLY GIVEAWAYS - STILL 24 HOURS....but no reply and we will select again at random.

Lastly, 3 things....Don't enter if you don't want to win, crazy right but people don't reply to the winning emails. We are legit, our founder Lotte Gossage is building this UK startup. FLIGHTS? Never included! not expect to see winners tagged on social media. Not everyone wants everyone else to know that they have won.
Lastly...WANAH helps hotels, resorts & holiday homes around the world with more exposure, inquiries, and direct bookings! If you are just here to enter giveaways, WANAH might not be for you.

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