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Frequently Asked Questions


Why only 24 hours to reply? Why don't you tag winners on social media, why do we have to follow on Instagram and who is behind We All Need A Holiday, WANAH?

Ok, so these questions are coming up A LOT! We are not just a holiday competition website. WANAH is about supporting hotels, resorts & holiday homes around the world as much as it's about giving away holidays. Winners have just 24 hours to reply because our holiday giveaways are 7 days max, which seems fair. We made a decision very early on in the business to not tag winners, we also decided that it would never be mandatory to follow @weallneedahol on Instagram or Facebook but we really hope most people do, a very small ask considering our holiday giveaways are free to enter. Asking to follow us has a huge impact on how many hotels will talk with us. 

We do not tag winners because not everyone wants everyone else to know that they have won a holiday and that is absolutely fine with us! Some of our winners have sent us photos and feedback from their stay but haven't mentioned WANAH at all and again, this is fine. Lastly and importantly, we tag properties that we partner with - we wouldn't tag a hotel if we hadn't agreed to work together. That's just mad, cheeky, brave even but a HUGE NOPE to this, not our thing, not how we work. We love this industry. MAKE A NOTE OF THE WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT DATE!....So you don't miss that email! We may contact winners via Instagram DM as well as via email ( the one used to enter the giveaway )

Lotte Gossage is the founder. Ex luxury hospitality. There is a strategic take, along with a genuine and helpful approach to supporting the hospitality and travel industry through each WANAH stay giveaway. WANAH doesn't expect everyone to enter every giveaway because as much as it's about creating lots of chances to win holidays and get access to great holiday and stay deals, it's also about helping hotels, resorts and holiday homes around the world boost their database and get to know potential guests a little more early on. 

Every giveaway is free to enter but there will sometimes be optional paid entry routes which mean extra entries to boost your chances of winning.

WANAH is a UK-registered company with some exciting plans and goals to reach in 2023.

What's in it for the partnering hotel, resort, or holiday home and travel advisors?


For hotels - a useful database of people who have chosen to enter and take part in our stay giveaways by providing important information about their holiday and travel habits and aspirations, so that sales, marketing, and revenue teams can team up, get creative and put together thoughtful stay packages for WANAH customers in 2022 and 2023. It doesn't stop there, we provide heaps of engagement, an increase in social media followers, direct inquiries leading to direct bookings, and the feel-good factor! We provide properties with an extremely useful and effective and much-needed direct booking boost in a very short time. It really is so simple but proving so effective already. 

For Travel advisors - more clients! 


Can people enter if they live outside of the UK?

At this time, most of our stay giveaways, unless stated otherwise are open to UK residents and passport holders only over 18 years of age. 

How long after entering will someone find out if they have won?

Unless stated otherwise, the winner/s will be contacted directly via email and announced on social media the day after the giveaway closing date. MAKE A NOTE OF THE WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT DATE!....So you don't miss that email! It's not on us if winners miss the email. If a winner responds after 24 hours - their entry is void. 

How does winner selection and contacting winners work?

WANAH has its own custom-built random winner picker. Winners will have 24 hours to respond to the winning email. We highly recommend making a note of the stay closing date so that you do not miss that all-important email. Not replying within 24 hours means that the stay is no longer yours. If the second randomly picked winner ( sometimes from paid entries only ) does not respond the stay giveaway will be void and used again at a later date.

Stay giveaway winners are introduced to the property as soon as they reply to the email letting them know that they have won.

Are multiple entries allowed and can I win more than once?

Only one free entry per email address will be accepted for every giveaway. So you can if you like but only one free entry email will be counted. For PAID entries - we cap at 5. If someone pays over 5 times - this is refunded. Using another person's email address to enter is also not allowed. We cannot stop this but if we are made aware of this, these emails will be removed. We take your privacy very seriously. Yes! You can win more than once!

What happens to my contact information and how does unsubscribing from We All Need A Holiday work?

Unsubscribing from WANAH automatically removes your email address from the WANAH database BUT NOT the partner database, once these details have been removed, any entries to our giveaways still count. However, entering our giveaways means that you agree to your details being passed to our partner properties so that they can contact you for future stays and you are also agreeing to receive future emails from WANAH. If you unsubscribe after entering a giveaway, you will not be contacted by WANAH again but your contact information and information provided will still be sent to the partner property. ONCE AGAIN - PLEASE DO NOT enter WANAH giveaways if you do not want your contact details to be given to our partner properties. 

Entering our stay giveaways comes with an element of risk that a hotel, resort or holiday home we work with may be temporarily or permanently closed at any time. If this happens We All Need A Holiday and the property is not obliged to compensate the winner in any way. This applies to paid and free entries. Every WANAH holiday stay is subject to the hotel partner's stay terms, conditions, and availability. WANAH winners must pay for any extras during the stay that are not included in the giveaway. 

What happens if the stay cannot be used because the hotel/resort/holiday home is not operating anymore or is permanently closed?

No. Winners are not allowed to gift a stay that they have won to anyone else. Stays/stay vouchers are void if not used by the winner and guest(s). Winners should let us know if they are longer able to accept the holiday. If this happens, we host another giveaway.

Can I gift a stay to someone else ( a friend or family ) if I am unable to take it?

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