Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another competition website?

No. It's very different. It's more strategic and genuinely helpful for the hospitality and travel industry. We don't expect everyone to enter every giveaway we host because we are about helping hotels, resorts and holiday homes around the world boost their database and get to know potential guests a little more early on. We are an early-stage startup with some exciting plans and goals to reach by the end of 2021. We have decades of experience in the hospitality industry.

What's in it for the partnering hotel, resort, or holiday home?


An impressive database of people who have provided information for sales, marketing, and revenue to get creative and put together thoughtful stay packages for 2021 and 2022 and it doesn't stop there. We provide heaps of engagement, an increase in social media followers, new potential guests, direct inquiries leading to direct bookings, and the feel-good factor! We provide properties with an extremely useful and effective and much needed direct booking boost in a very short time. It really is so simple but proving so effective already. A giveaway done right is "GOLD"

Can people enter if they live outside of the UK?

At this time, stay giveaways, unless stated otherwise are only open to UK residents over 18 years of age.

How long after entering will someone find out if they have won?

Unless stated otherwise, the winner/s will be announced the day after the giveaway closing date.

Do you have any stay giveaways outside of the UK?

Yes, we have worked with properties in Dubai, Thailand, Zanzibar, and Indonesia and there will always be a big focus on international giveaways.

Are multiple entries allowed?

Only one entry per email address will be accepted for every giveaway. So you can if you like but only one entry will be counted.

If someone unsubscribes from We All Need A Holiday does their entry still count.

No. Unsubscribing automatically removes a person's email address from our database immediately. Entering our giveaways means that you agree to your details being passed to our partner properties so that they can contact you for future stays. People should enter our stay giveaways if they are happy for their contact details to be sent to our property partners. It is clearly stated in the terms & conditions.

What happens if the stay cannot be used because the hotel/resort/holiday home is not operating anymore or permanently closed?

Entering our stay giveaways is free but due to the pandemic, it comes with an element of risk that a hotel or resort we work with may be temporarily or permanently closed at any time. If this happens We All Need A Holiday and the property is not obliged to compensate the winner in any way.

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