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What We Do

Let’s Work Together. 7 days that's all we need.

Since hosting our first stay giveaway in June 2020, we have supported some incredible properties around the world. But, not any old giveaway! We generate a very useful database of people in the UK who are actively looking for holidays and short breaks in 2022, 2023, and beyond. Every property we work with receives an extremely valuable database to create stays for the future,

direct bookings for the win! We don't include flights.

Our stay giveaways run for 7 days max.

Each property can decide on the questions so that the database is full of useful and relevant information.

Everyone who enters our stay giveaways agrees to their first name, email address, and information provided being given to each partner property. 

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We have worked with Rove Hotels in the UAE a few times. Firstly with their flagship hotel located in Downtown Dubai, right opposite the Dubai Mall, and then the newly opened La Mer Hotel, right on the beach! No flights were included in these giveaways but they still generated very impressive databases for the team. 

Let Us Show Off Your Property

Jannata & Acala Resort & Spa in Ubud Bali generated so much excitement that we have hosted 10 giveaways! We collected important information for the team to create future stay deals. Bali is back!
THAILAND is too! We have partnered with 7 properties in Thailand. Send a message if you would like to more about them. 

It's so simple but super helpful

Why are we doing this?

We just see an opportunity to mix things up and create new ways for you to reach new guests.

If you really want to stand out, We All Need A Holiday gives you an opportunity to do just that.   


We have always focused on simple and logical ways to support hospitality and travel.  A focus on direct bookings is key to what we do and we have found that a stay giveaway, done well, is ‘gold’. We are adding real value to every property we work with.  It's an exciting concept which is fun to be involved in and provides proven rewards. 

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